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To know and understand prospective Architectural Woodwork projects and the needs of our customers.  Confidently evaluate bid documents towards the goal of arriving at a bid that is strategically beneficial to Wisconsin Built, and a price that is mutually beneficial for Wisconsin Built and its customers.  This position works at the direction of V.P. Client Services.



  1. Learn to efficiently absorb the contents of a bid set to thoroughly understand what steps will be necessary to perform by the time the bid is due.

  2. Accurately and thoroughly determine the total requirements of the project.

  3. Develop timely and accurate proposal documents.



  1. Know and understand the methods of casework and architectural woodwork manufacturing in general, and specific to Wisconsin Built methods.

  2. Accurately and thoroughly perform all math operations necessary to quantify the project requirements.

  3. Thoroughly understand the Specification Manual sections pertinent to our work and the work of related sections

  4. Replace ambiguity in the drawings or specs with clearly stated timely questions to the contractors or architects

  5. Learn to download & plot plans off of iSqft and similar sites.

  6. Deliver a complete and accurate set of bid documents to Engineering upon award of a project.  Be able to relay all Bid Phase written and verbal information to project management.



  1. Thorough understanding of woodwork materials and manufacturing methods

  2. Excellent math skills and Excel spreadsheet experience

  3. Excellent attention to details

  4. Excellent phone, writing, and communication skills that project a solid knowledge of our industry and the project.

  5. Ability to become immersed in the details of a prospective project.

  6. Confidence in ability to digest, retain, and record project details for the duration of the project, through award and hand-off to PM.


The most important part of any company is the people.  This holds true to the highest degree at Wisconsin Built.  Our people are willing to go the extra mile and whatever is needed to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.  This is a clear reflection of our vision statement “Grow profitably with Passionate Customer Loyalty Through Inspired Employees.”  Our focus on ideas and customer service keeps our clients coming back time and again.

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