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This position will be part of a custom team learning the trade of building customer casework projects.    


Hard Skills:


  1. Good Attendance and willingness to learn

  2. Use of tape measure accurately

  3. Beginning to learn basic plan reading skills and simple mathematical calculations.

  4. Learning safety and proper use of hand tools (i.e. chisels, sliding square, etc.)

  5. Learning basic hand tools – proper use, setup and safety power (Cordless Drill, Lam Trimmer, Miter Box, Routers, Biscuit Jointer, Skill Saw, Saws All, Domino Jointer, Belt Sander, Orbital Sander)

  6. Learning use of proper fasteners and adhesives for correct application.

  7. Develop basic cut-listing skills for small jobs

  8. Develop overall and specific manufacturing knowledge.

  9. Ability to lift a minimum of 50#s, bend repeatedly as well as walk and stand throughout a shift.

  10. Other duties as assigned.


Soft Skills:


  1. Begin learning materials and hardware typically used in this industry.

  2. Learn layout of plant, production flow and proper board and hardware sign out procedures.

  3. Active Team Member

  4. Develop a deeper curiosity of “how” things get built, not just “what” get built. 

  5. Learn from mistakes.

  6. Demonstrates Self-Motivation


The most important part of any company is the people.  This holds true to the highest degree at Wisconsin Built.  Our people are willing to go the extra mile and whatever is needed to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.  This is a clear reflection of our vision statement “Grow profitably with Passionate Customer Loyalty Through Inspired Employees.”  Our focus on ideas and customer service keeps our clients coming back time and again.

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