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Thank you for visiting our Career page and considering a rewarding career in the woodworking industry.  Why consider a career in woodworking?  Whether it is in the trade, technical or professional area you will find variety and challenges every day.  As a manufacturer of Architectural Woodwork and retail store displays for a regional and national market, you could be working on projects ranging from an office suite in the World Trade Center, a restaurant on the west coast, corporate campus décor, a major league sports arena, or many other millwork manufacturing opportunities on any given day. The products we build provide function and beauty to many public places.

The posted positions are current opportunities to join us and showcase your ambition and talent.  We have many success stories of internal advancement we can share to begin the conversation about your career path and how we can work together towards your goals and ours.

Join our talented team dedicated to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

The most important part of any company is the people. This holds true to the highest degree at Wisconsin Built. Our people are willing to go the extra mile and do whatever is needed to meet and exceed the customer's expectations. This is a clear reflection of our vision statement.

Open Positions

Don't see anything that is a direct match? Get in touch with us anyway. We are always looking for passionate members to add to our team.

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